11 Running Tips to Push Yourself Harder! – Free for Members (EBook)

There are many ways to run faster and farther. Knowing the readers of this site, you are probably already buying some of the top gear available. Once you have the best shoes for your specific type of running and surface, and you have your favorite shorts, socks, shirts, etc. You start looking for something else to make you faster.

We all want to be faster. Some of us want to run longer distances.

Once you’re on a solid training program, it comes down to YOU.

How can you consistently push yourself to the absolute limit so you can get the biggest gains?

Really, it comes down to breaking the mind. You can break the mind with a sledgehammer, or you can break it with trickery. I’ve done both, and personally I MUCH PREFER TRICKERY!

And you probably do too. You just don’t know that much trickery. I’ve made a lifetime of tricking my mind to do what it doesn’t want to do while running, climbing stairs, swimming, and biking.

So I started writing the book, “25 Running Tips to Push Yourself to the Limit – Again, and Again.

I know, I said 11 Tips, right? Well, 11 tips are FREE for members. Join up and you’ll get these 11 tips in an ebook you can use right away to push yourself beyond what you are normally able.

That will be available 4/30/15 – and possibly a couple days early if the editor can bang it out quickly.

You can get that free ebook by joining HERE.

Email will come as soon as the book is released and you can download it from the link provided. Easy.

Then, the full book – 25 Running Tips to Push Yourself to the Limit – Again, and Again – will be available within 2 weeks after that.

Read the free book, see if any of the tips help you, and then get the full 25 if you think you’re going to get $10 of value from it.

OK, enough talk. I have a trail run in twenty-minutes.


Vern L.

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Vern Lovic